THE LEFT — FRIDAY 2/3 — 1:00 PM

With a mixture of psychedelic and progressive sounds, the Punk Rock band Lemmiwinks infects us with their energetic rhythm. The band was born in Panama City in 2006 and since then they have shown their commitment and dedication to their music, so much so that they have had the opportunity to participate in various festivals such as The Fest (Gainesville, FL), Massive Destruction (República Dominican Republic), Green Festival of Music Culture, Culture on Wheels and Manso Fest (Panama). They have also had the opportunity to share the stage with some of their “heroes” as they indicate, including Propagandhi, Meat Puppets, 311, CJ Ramone, Voodoo Glow Skulls, among others.

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In 2009, the band released their first LP called “Peludo.” Lemmiwinks shares with us that this LP includes many of the band’s most recognized songs such as “Lógico,” “El Gallinazo” and “Pereza Inmobiliaria,” the latter of which was on rotation on the MTV network.

In 2014 they released “La Creatura” in vinyl format, with songs known as “Mi Novia Me Dejó Because I Smoke Marihuana,” “Lo De Siempre” and “Prisión Salón.”

In 2020 they released an EP called “Vicios Ocultos,” a cover album by some of their favorite artists like Frank Zappa, The Soft Pack, The Amps and Meat Puppets.

With a very particular name and I would dare to say that it was taken from an episode of a very popular show called South Park, Lemmiwinks shares with us their most recent single titled, “World Domination”, a song in English where the band expresses how it takes decisions in a world where there is only greed and greed negatively affect society and our environment.

World Domination” was recorded on analog tape at editoris, a record label founded by Lemmiwinks. The song was mixed by Poti (member of the band). The cover of the single was in charge of Marc Sasso, known for his work with covers of Dio, Motorhead and Judas Priest.

Lemmiwinks tells us that “World Domination” will be part of their latest 12-song album, of which they have already released 4 and are preparing for a tour in the United States with other American bands at the end of 2021.

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Dear Destination Chaos Attendees,

Due to key personnel departures at Upstart Entertainment so close to the event and related circumstances that would have affected the event experience, it is with the deepest regret that we must announce Destination Chaos is being postponed until the fall. We are currently working with the artists, and their agents and managers, to retain as much of this amazing lineup as possible and bring in the key staff and talent to produce the rescheduled event which will most likely be in mid-October, 2023. Many bands, though disappointed, have also expressed their desire for a postponement and to work to make Destination Chaos the event we have all envisioned. We will release the new date in a formal announcement with additional details this Sunday, December 18.

Most importantly, we want you all to know that you are our top priority, and helping you adjust to this change will be our sole focus. Within the next few days, we will be sharing additional information on social, via email, and by way of SMS. We will be providing FULL optionality to select from the following choices:

  • Retain your exact booking for the new date
  • Process a claim via our insurance partner for a refund. All U.S residents are covered regardless of when you purchased your room.
  • Receive a direct refund (International residents)

Concerning booked flights, we are working with a travel agency to help you make all necessary flight changes or cancellations. If you can’t make the fall dates, we’ll work with your airline to accommodate your needs as best as possible. If you opt to come along for the new dates, we will be paying any change fees for you.

We expect to have full information to you in the next few days. We appreciate your patience and continued faith in Destination Chaos. We are extremely fortunate to have such amazing friends on both the talent and guest side of things. We fully recognize that, and we are very much looking forward to returning the favor by giving you the week of your lifetime.

With greatest regards,

Chris Wicke
Upstart Entertainment
Further information to follow.


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